For more information contact:
Christopher Kingsley, B.A.

Technical Consultant, OHA crk3c@mtmail.mtsu.edu or 615.556.8349


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does OHA charge to review patient cases?

Generally charges for reviewing client paperwork are based on the amount of pages in a patient’s file and slightly vary case-by-case. Because Dr. DeHart is an expert witness, he charges $300- $450 an hour to review patient paperwork and cases.

  1. May I select Dr. DeHart as my personal physician?

Thank you for taking interest in selecting Dr. DeHart as your personal physician; however, at this time, he is only reviewing corporate client cases. He will be glad to put you in touch with other physicians if you ask.

  1. Where did Dr. DeHart go to school?

Roy L. DeHart obtained his M.D. from University of Tennessee in December, 1960. He also holds two master’s degrees in public health from Johns Hopkins University and international affairs from George Washington University.

  1. Is Dr. DeHart published?

Yes, Dr. DeHart can be found in plethora of peer-reviewed medical journals and notated for Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine, which he first edited in 1985. A second edition was published in 1996, and a third co-published with Jeff Davis, M.D. was published in 2002. DeHart’s Fundamentals is considered “the bible” by specialists in the field of aerospace medicine. Look him up on Amazon.com!

  1. Is OHA affiliated with a university?

Although Dr. DeHart is professor emeritus from Vanderbilt University and former medical director of Vanderbilt Corporate Health Services, OHA is not affiliated with any university. It is a standalone corporation.

  1. When was OHA established?

OHA was formally established in 2001.

  1. How many cases does OHA review in a year?

Because of the nature of the occupational health cases, which OHA handles, the corporation reviews two to three highly involved cases for corporate clients per year. You may think two to three is small; however, because of the huge amount of paperwork in any particular case, sometimes upwards of 4,000 pages, the process is very time consuming.

  1. What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a specialty that considers very specifically the effects of work on health. It also considers an individual’s health, ability and fitness to perform a particular job.

  1. How many employees does OHA have?

OHA currently has three terrific employees on staff! They help keep the corporation running smoothly and are vital to our success.

  1. What is OHA’s success rate?

OHA is proud of a 100 percent success rate. Bringing clients the results they want and deserve is our main goal.

OHA is private medical consultation company, specializing in occupational health, patient advocacy, site visitations and corporate presentations on toxicology, causation and aerospace medicine. For more information, contact OHA at 615-556-8349 or visit OccupationalHealthNashville.com

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