Roy L. DeHart – As a little boy growing up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, during the height of World War II, Roy always wanted to be in medicine. Also influenced by an uncle who was a colonel in the United States Air Force, he followed his dream “soar with the eagles” with the country’s finest men and women in uniform.

Following a glittering 23-year career in the Air Force, in which he was flight surgeon during the Vietnam conflict, Roy retired as Colonel in 1983 after being named commander of Fort Brooks Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Turning his eye toward teaching, Dr. DeHart became professor and director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department at University of Oklahoma from 1987 until Vanderbilt recruited him to create the same department for its medical school in 1998, which allowed him to return to his “roots.” Along with forming departments at two different universities, Roy was also president of American College of Occupational and Environmental (ACOEM) in 1992-1993, and he remains an ACOEM fellow. As of 2015, Roy is president and medical director of Occupational Health Associates Inc and director emeritus of Vanderbilt Corporate Health Services.

Julia DeHart – When she’s not taking dictation from Dr. DeHart, Julia can usually be found either reading, doing genealogy on her family or jamming to zydeco or even Squirrel Nut Zippers. Julia began her career as a nurse at the University of Tennessee, where she and her husband Roy were both students in the 1950s. She attended Johns Hopkins University before having a family intervened her studies. She graduated with her BSN from Wright State University in 1976. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, being a member of the Tennessee chapter of Daughter of the American Revolution and taking classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Vanderbilt University. She is currently learning how to play steel drums, which she finds “totally entertaining.”

OHA is a private medical and consultation company, specializing in occupational health, patient advocacy, site visitations, and corporate presentations on toxicology, causation and aerospace medicine. For more information contact OHA at 615-556-8349 or visit

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