Broadcast media release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             Contact: Christopher Kingsley

March 20, 2015                                 (615) 556-8349 |

Time: 30 Seconds

Is Mars the final frontier? Find out as world-renowned physician Doctor Roy L. DeHart presents new research on the occupational hazards of long-duration space flight.

Vanderbilt University’s own doctor DeHart has been instrumental in preparing NASA to return man to space and put man on the red planet. Doctor DeHart says he is proud to help NASA and Vanderbilt with this new endeavor.

The Presentation, entitled “Mars 2020” will be March 25th at 5p.m. at Vanderbilt University’s Light Hall.   For more information call (615) 556-8349 or visit OccupationalHealthNashville dot com


OHA is a private medical and consultation company, specializing in occupational health, patient advocacy, site visitations, and corporate presentations on toxicology, causation and aerospace medicine. For more information contact OHA at 615-556-8349 or visit

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