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Project 2 – Non-fiction | Explainer Video

Proposal for

Titan Web Marketing Solutions

Non-fiction | Explainer


© Christopher Kingsley | 12. 10. 2015
Revised 15. 10. 2015

Submitted 06.11.15



  1. 11. 15


Titan Web Marketing Solutions, Murfreesboro TN

Contact:        Lauren Linton, Communications Director

Phone:           615.890.3600

Email:             llinton@TitanWMS.com

Project title

Non-Fiction/Explainer on the how and why Titan Web Marketing Solutions needs interns and where the business sees itself in the future.

Project description

  • The Problem: Titan Web Marketing Solutions is a full service marketing firm in Murfreesboro, TN. They are a small, albeit growing, firm with a great atmosphere, staff and a great number of satisfied clients. The problem for the firm is this – they need interns, individuals who can bring their own creativity and talent to the business. Their main issue is that they do not have an effective way to get the word out that their business is ideal for college students looking for an internship, especially for students who enjoy social media or creative design.
  • The Solution: Provide a short 3-4-minute explainer video of who and what Titan is. What they do and and why they need interns.
  • The Audience: The primary audience focus will be on students in the EMC department at MTSU, students 18-23 who have a penchant for social media, marketing or creative design.


We would undertake to do the following:

  • Assist Titan in developing a video that would detail the benefits of their company to new and upcoming talent.
  • Develop a video that is mutually beneficial for not only Titan but also the group working on the video as well.
  • Provide Titan with footage that they could keep and use at their discretion to assist them in creating videos that they might need at a later date. This includes footage from short, limited interviews, to B-roll.
  • Help Titan explain how the creative directors who were once interns themselves, are now in positions of power within the company and the benefits to interning.



The primary goal and objective is to meet Titan critical goal of attracting new talent in the way of interns.




The video will be showcased on both Titan’s website, preferably on their careers page, and also Chris Kingsley’s online portfolio on wordpress.com



We undertake to do the following two main objectives:


  • Assist Titan with getting word out about their fantastic marketing company, what they do, and why interns seriously need to consider an internship with the company.
  • Provide a professional video that Titan would be proud to post on their website and use.


Creative Approach –  Explainer/Non-fiction


  • The video will be shot with a DSLR (Canon T3i) and will also be enhanced with appropriate lighting and sound. Lighting and Sound equipment to be supplied by MTSU
  • Editing will be undertaken with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Location will be at Titan Web Marketing Solutions in Murfreesboro, TN


Video timing 3-4 minutes in total. [WS – Wide Shot, CU – Close Up]


  • I would like to get dolly shots of the office in transition, since Titan is moving to a new location perhaps the video could touch on that in relation to interns?!


  • Perhaps include time-lapse footage (if granted) of countdown to new office.


  • WS of the two office spaces with people working – SEO and Creative


  • CU of Lauren, Rebecca, Cash working in their offices


  • Intercut between CUs, interview footage of the above people talking about interns at Titan and how they’ve helped shape the company as a whole.


  • Perhaps also include still photographs of where Titan will be in 2016, the new office on S. Church Street.
    • How many interns has Titan had since the business first started?
    • How do interns enhance the running of the business?
    • What do interns bring to Titan?
    • What is the atmosphere like at TWMS?


Core Group Members:

Group 1 – EMC 3210 consists of the following people who will be on location






The anticipated timescale for the project is 1-2 weeks to complete taping, including appropriate editing so the video can be delivered on December 2, 2015.


Production Schedule
Schedule is subject to change and agreement between client and students.

November 6,  2015 Approval of Production Schedule
November 13 2015, 9:00am to 5:00pm Begin filming of video
November 20, 2015 Begin edit of video
November 23rd and 22nd Optional days for pick-up shots if needed
December 2nd 2015 Turn in Deliverables for project 2





Titan Web Marketing Main Logo

                               Audio and Video
Music bed
Montage of people working (content, SEO, etc)  

Environmental audio, people talking, music bed


Title Card: Why should students work at intern at Titan Web Marketing Solutions?


CU of communication director, talking about Titan Web Marketing Solutions
Interview questions: Why is titan a great place to work, why did you intern @ Titan? What makes Titan Web Marketing unique?


Music Bed underneath


Title Card: What Is Titan?


CU of CEO in his office?

Interview questions: What is Titan Web Marketing Solutions, what makes your service unique and stand out in the Middle TN community?


Title Card: Why should I join Titan as an intern?




WS of interview of current interns or interns that are now employees –


Interview questions: Why is Titan a great place to intern? Why should students apply?


Title Card – Titan Main Logo (animation)



YouTube Meta Data

Title: Interning for Titan Web Marketing Solutions

Description: Titan Web Marketing Solutions is a premier web marketing company in Murfreesboro, TN – they explain why they want and need interns.

Tags: Titan Web Marketing Solutions, marketing, interns, college, education, MTSU

Comments and responses: enabled, show all; sort by top comments; ratings enabled.
License: Standard YouTube License

Caption certification: never aired on television

Language: English

Syndication: Everywhere

Location: Murfreesboro, TN

Recorded: 13 NO 15

Titan Web – Proposal and Script (Project 2)

Project 2 Storyboard


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