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Production Proposal: How-To

Proposal for

Cleve Harrison

How-To Video:
Baking Bourbons

© Christopher Kingsley | 10.5. 2015




Cleve Harrison, baker and proprietor of Novicebakers.wordpress.com

Contact:         Cleve Harrison

Phone:           615-336-3536
Email:            Kewpiecleve@gmail.com

Project title

A How-To video explaining the steps and process on how to bake the perfect Bourbon Biscuit

Project description

The project will indeed be a

  • The Problem: Mr. Harrison is a novice baker and also a novice blogger, he has a small following on WordPress; however, he wants to attract more viewers to his blog by featuring videos of him baking classic British classics not only from cookbooks, but from various cooking blogs across the internet. His blog is also based, in part, by the hit British television show The Great British Bake Off.
  • The Solution: Mr. Harrison has agreed that one video at this point will do him very well, he has selected the recipe and the location for the video to be shot at.
  • The Audience: visitors to Mr. Harrison’s baking blog, his intrepid band of followers being men and women 18-45 years of age fans of The Great British Bake Off. Since 90% of Mr. Harrison’s followers on his blog are from Great Britain and Europe, we want to attract them.


We would undertake to do the following:

  • Assist Mr. Harrison in featuring him in a video, baking a great recipe
  • Provide a professional 3-to-4-minute video of how to bake a simple, yet classic British cookie.
  • Do a brilliant how-to that not only provides proof of the team’s skills, but also highlight the baker’s skills.


The primary goal and objective of this project is to not only meet the “how-to” brief has given by Todd O’Neil but bring awareness of a great recipe and how awesome the end result truly is.

The basic goal is to provide excellent service to Mr. Harrison while providing him a video that will not only boost his baking confidence, but also boost readership of his baking blog!


The video will be showcased on Mr. Harrison’s WordPress site and since this is also Chris Kingsley’s project, the video will be shown on his portfolio site.


We undertake to do the following:

  • Help Mr. Harrison develop a brand identity of who he is, what he does, etc
  • Provide the blog audience with an idea of who the Baker is and how he approaches his bakes.
  • Put together a video that highlights and enhances Mr. Harrison’s baking skills and allows his personality to shine through and yet rein him and keep things “straight.”

Creative Approach –  How-to

  • The video will be shot with a DSRL (Canon T3i) and will also be enhanced with appropriate lighting and sound.
  • Editing will be undertaken with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Location will be an actual kitchen with layout appropriate for filming.

The video will begin with a close up of baking ingredients and voice-over narration of how and why this recipe is perfect for baking.

The close up pulls back to a medium shot of Mr. Harrison at the counter of the kitchen.

The camera will cut to close ups of the ingredients as Mr. Harrison bakes his biscuits.

Other shots will include:

  • Close up ingredients
  • Close up of cookie batter being rolled out, etc etc
  • Medium shot of cookies as they go into the oven

Core Group Members:

Group 1 – EMC 3210 consists of the following people who will be on location


The anticipated timescale for the project is 1-2 weeks to to complete taping and an additional 2-3 weeks for appropriate editing so the video can be delivered on November 6, 2015


The video will be rendered as an Mp4 and uploaded to YouTube with the following parameters:

Title: How-to make classic Bourbon Biscuits

Description: Making a classic British biscuit is quick, easy, fun and delicious!

Tags: Great British Bake Off, British Baking, Biscuits, How-To, Cooking, Baking, Nashville,

Comments: enabled; show all; sort by top comments; ratings enabled

License: Standard

Caption Cert: never aired on television
Language: English

Syndication: Everywhere

Location: Nashville
Recorded: 23 OCT 15

Production Schedule
Schedule is subject to change and agreement between client and students.

October 8, 2015 Approval of Production Schedule
October 23, 2015 9:00am to 5:00pm Begin filming of how-to video
October 24-27, 2015  Editing video
October 28, 2015 Final approval of video before turn in
October 30, 2015 Turn in Deliverables Project 1

How-to Harrison Version 2


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