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Project Proposal: Three New Videos for emc.mtsu.edu site

Proposal for

College of Media and Entertainment
Electronic Media Communication Department

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College of Media and Entertainment  | Electronic Media Communication, MTSU

Contact:         Billy Pittard, Department Chair

Phone:           615-494-8694

Email:            mcadvise@mtsu.edu/billy.pittard@mtsu.edu

Project title

Developing three new videos for the EMC Department within the College of Media and Entertainment at MTSU.

Project description

The project will involve designing three new videos for MTSU’s EMC department website (www.emc.mtsu.edu)

The Problem: The EMC site on MTSU’s main webpage is quite drab and the current video does not do enough to highlight the college, nor is there a video that showcases the name change from Mass Communication to College of Media and Entertainment.

The Solution: Create three new, fresh videos that highlight the ever-expanding program, CME, faculty, staff and students. Interview EMC/CME department chair, Billy Pittard whose understanding and vast experience in media is changing the face of mass communication at MTSU.

The Audience: visitors to the EMC site, faculty, students, prospective students who looking to come to MTSU and are interested in the CME (media, etc).

The videos will highlight the new name of College of Media and Entertainment and primarily focus on faculty, courses offered and students.

We will shoot three new videos of faculty, staff and students using a Canon T3i and Arri Lighting Kits from the EMC department.


We would undertake to do the following:

  • Three new videos that feature NEW faculty and staff
  • Highlight the new change in the name of the college
  • Focus on new and expanding programs in the CME and how department of Electronic Media Communication is rapidly changing and expanding.
  • Interview Department Chair, Billy Pittard


The basic goal and objective is to show prospective students that there are new and exciting things happening within the ELECTRONIC MEDIA COMMUNICATION department, and that both MTSU and the COLLEGE of MEDIA and ENTETAINMENT would greatly benefit from new videos that show the college off to an advantage.

The overall goal is to make current and new students as excited as possible —by providing a clear picture of what the department does and the variety of new classes, new faculty members and new technology!

More specifically, after experiencing this videotape our audience will be able to:

  • Clearly see MTSU’s Electronic Media Communication Department and CME provides cutting edge technology, great courses, has a fantastic faculty and that coming to MTSU is a right choice.
  • Explain why MTSU’s EMC and CME both provide the best education for students seeking degrees in media and entertainment.
  • Understand why Billy Pittard’s vast experience in media makes him the ideal chair for the EMC department.
  • Get key insights from MTSU graduates of the program, such as: what are they doing now, what they’re doing in the field, et al.


The three videos to be filmed will be shown on the main EMC website and will also be an integral part of the MTSU tour that prospective students and their families take on campus.


Strategy: The tone for the three videos will be fun but also educational. The main point is to show off various aspects of EMC.  The first strategy is to answer a typical question – what is Electronic Media Communication about? To make sure we draw in our audience we are going to educate viewers on how the chair of the department sees EMC. There is so much going on within EMC but there is a lot to make clear to those who do not know what “electronic media” is, etc.

More specifically, we will:

  • Feature on-camera with department chair, Billy Pittard who will reintroduce the EMC/CME in three new videos. The purpose of interviewing Mr. Pittard is to develop a primary spokesperson for the school of media at MTSU.
  • Provide the audience with statements and phrases from students on why they are seeking degrees in the college of media and entertainment (CME).
  • Showcase various faculty members and their courses.
  • Highlight the most popular and “in demand” courses and degree programs within the college.

Creative Approach – Three NEW Videos

Video 1: The first video opens with a montage of the following: shots of students behind cameras, in editing bays, on location at Bonnaroo and other locations, students inside MTSU’s EMC truck.

We hear sound bites of various students: “I chose EMC because I love television” and other students describing why they chose EMC inside the college of media and entertainment.

The video jumps forward to images of the Bragg building, photos of CIM, etc etc

Voice Over Narration:

MTSU’s Department of Electronic Media Communication (EMC) blends communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and new technologies to help students learn how to navigate a world that has evolved beyond the traditional. The Department’s accomplished faculty, both professional and academic, challenges students to become effective communicators and creators of media content.

Cut to interview of Billy Pittard:

The college of media and entertainment is growing up leaps and bounds. No longer is it mass communication. Students are learning about media, entertainment and how both of these worlds are changing and evolving on a daily basis.

Still photos turn to live-action of students shooting video outside the Bragg Building and on location as Pittard continues to describe CME and also goes into detail about EMC.

Video 2: The second video features still photography into live action with students inside various studios inside Bragg.

Again, still photo turn to live-action as a high-speed, fast motion video of students coming in and out of Bragg is shown on screen.

Cut to video montage of students in editing bays, inside the television studio, etc etc

Voice over Narration: Billy Pittard –

Here at MTSU, our facilities include a 40-foot mobile television production lab, a 3,000 square foot video and film studio, a full complement of high definition production facilities, a robotic virtual TV studio, video editing suites, digital labs equipped with state of the art hardware and software, an animation studio, a student-run TV station, a student-run FM radio station, traditional and digital photography facilities, and so much more!!

As the voice narration starts and continues, images of various aspects of the EMC department are seen and match the narration – students inside the television studio, students laughing inside the radio station, students inside the music recording studio

Music over narration and video: music produced at MTSU’s record label? (to be finalized)

Video 3: the third and final video will sum up what is currently going on inside the EMC department and will also highlight the new change of name from Mass Communication to College of Media and Entertainment

Dolly Shot/Tracking Shot of inside of Bragg, with students inside the main hall. A slow tracking shot with voice over narration of Pittard:

Voice over narration:

Today communication is no longer just for the masses. When you talk about “Mass Communication” no one knows what you’re talking about

Cut to Pittard interview inside the CIM

The reason the name of the college has changed is because the very art of communicating is changing daily. Students are learning about various aspects new media, social media. Honestly, the sky’s the limit.

Cut to WS of 3070 Intro to social media practice class learning about social media, working on social media plans.

Cut to WS of 3210 New Media Video Applications and Todd O’Neill teaching the class about lighting, cameras.

Cut back to Pittard’s interview

We want our students to get a true handle on media and how the very notion of communication in our world is changing that is why we not only highlight past graduates…

Cut to Dolly Shot of Bragg building with camera lens resting at the electronic Wall of Fame board…

Pittard’s interview becomes Voice Over Narration:

But we also want our students to become involved with the student organizations we have within the college as well.

Cut to dolly shot of Bragg building coming to end of the hallway, the camera slowly spins around to reveal the annual organizational fair with tables and students milling about.

Cut away to close ups of various organizations and their logos.

Voice Over: There is so much to learn and discover about media here at MTSU!

Students in the EMC department should provide music for the video, perhaps from Match Records.


Website design & development

The budget for the design & development of the website, including integration with the EMC site – Budget $0.

Copy writing

Copy is to be supplied and approved by MTSU.


The anticipated timescale for the project is 5-6 weeks to complete.

Production Schedule

A full production schedule will be provided once production proposal is approved by department.

Proposal for MTSU

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