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Short Form Branding Video Treatment

Vine/Instagram Video Treatment

EMC 3210


  1. Writer: Christopher Kingsley
  2. Logline:

Chris buys a coke for his friends, his friends come over to watch movies, play monopoly, his dog Windsor steals the show.

  • Key Characters:
    1. Chris – the main character, student – coke stock holder.
    2. Cleve – Chris’ husband and guy who was cajoled into being in the video
    3. Sundry relatives
    4. Windsor – the family Yellow Labrador

Audience, Goal and Message

  1. Intended Audience: Local Labrador lovers (since, there will be a lab in the video) friends who love monopoly, friends of mine who enjoy my sense of humor.
  2. Intended Goal: is to showcase the Coke brand in a unique way that will appeal to my friends and family, also it video should also showcase what I have learned in class. How is the brand represented? The campaign is “Share a coke with” and, of course that is what I will be doing.  Goal for Instagram video: represent “share a coke” campaign in a personal way, make it for my friends and family.
  3. Brand Representation: The video will represent the “Share a coke” campaign and add a human touch by the video containing friends, family, a great dog and featuring people being together and enjoying a coke. Who doesn’t love a Labrador and a coke?! No, the dog will not having a coke. Coke’s major message is about happiness, togetherness.
  4. Message: Sharing a coke is fun, especially with friends.

About the video

  1. Video Length: 5 Seconds – Appropriate for Vine
  1. Act 1:
    1. Three or four friends come over to Chris’ place to gather for a social function. They might watch Dr. Who, play Monopoly, or play with Chris’ delightful dog Windsor. But what should they have to drink? A Coke, that is it! The Cokes are handed out, but are they handed out to the right people?! We must find out!
    2. [Action: shots of friends getting cokes – trading cokes with the appropriate people, “Share a coke with…..”]
    3. [cut away shots of friends waving cokes about with their names, maybe cutting away to what’s going on – watching a movie, playing a game] – Actual sequence TBD
  2. Act 2:
    1. Shots of friends having fun, medium shots of friends smiling with coke
    2. Close-up of family dog with a coke? Perhaps a bottle that says “Share a coke with a friend”